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The Definitive Guide to Adjustable Bed Bases and Their Features

The Definitive Guide to Adjustable Bed Bases and Their Features - Canadian Mattress

Finding Your Perfect Fit and Comfort

Introduction: Adjustable bed bases are more than just a trend; they're a lifestyle choice that caters to a spectrum of needs and preferences. Our updated guide will help you navigate the sizes and features, ensuring you make an informed decision for your ultimate comfort.


Size Options for an Ideal Fit:

  • Twin XL (38" x 80"): Perfect for individual sleepers, fitting seamlessly into smaller rooms while providing plenty of length.
  • Full/Double (53" x 74"): Although less common, we provide quality options like The Delight and The Peak for those who prefer this size.
  • Queen (60" x 80"): The standard in adaptable comfort, accommodating both single sleepers and couples.
  • King (76" x 80"): A king-sized adjustable bed base offers expansive comfort and savings. With the size to stretch out and the ability to adjust the entire mattress uniformly, it's an economical option that doesn't skimp on luxury.

    This image showcases a luxurious king-size adjustable bed base, prominently positioned in an elegantly appointed bedroom in Edmonton. The bed frame, with its advanced adjustability features, offers a personalized sleep experience. Its sleek design complements the modern aesthetic of the room, highlighting the bed's capability to elevate at the head and foot for optimum comfort.
  • Dual King (2 Twin XLs, 38" x 80" each): For those who desire the utmost in sleep customization, a Dual King is the zenith of personalized comfort. Comprising two separate Twin XL bases, it allows each sleeper to control their side of the bed—perfect for partners with distinct sleep preferences.

Image of a Dual King Setup with Two Twin XL Adjustable Bases: The second image depicts a dual king setup in a spacious Edmonton bedroom, featuring two synchronized Twin XL adjustable bed bases side by side. The frames are engineered to operate both independently and in tandem, providing flexibility for individual comfort needs.

Features That Make a Difference:

  • Massage for Ultimate Relaxation: Highlighting our Plateau and Pinnacle bases, which feature state-of-the-art massage options to soothe and relax your body.
  • Targeted Lumbar Support: The Pinnacle Adjustable Base stands out with dedicated lumbar support, ensuring your back is well-cared for throughout the night.
  • Personalized Head Tilt: Experience tailored comfort with head tilt features found in the Serta Motion Perfect IV and Pinnacle bases, perfect for reading or binge-watching your favorite shows in bed.
  • Underbed Convenience Lighting: No more stumbling in the dark, thanks to the subtle, floor-illuminating lights of our Serta Motion Perfect IV, Pinnacle, and Delight bases. A feature that combines safety with convenience for those midnight trips to the kitchen or bathroom.

Inviting You to Explore:

Each person's path to perfect sleep is unique, and with our array of adjustable bed bases, that path becomes clearer. Whether you need a compact Twin XL or a luxurious Dual King, the right base will elevate not just your legs but your entire sleep experience.

Dive into our selection at GotBeds.ca's Lifestyle Adjustable Bases and see how the right bed can revitalize your sleep and awaken your best self.