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Serta Scrunch 3.0 Pillow King Size

Product Description

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Product Description
Look forward to bedtime thanks to this relaxing Serta Scrunch 3.0 pillow. Designed to be crumpled and squashed until your head and neck are cradled just right, this pillow provides the support you need regardless of your sleep position. Inside are hundreds of small cushions made from Serta's Triple Effects® gel-infused breathable memory foam. Together, these cushions offer pressure point relief and a cool surface so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Key Features:

  • Scrunching Construction
  • Triple Effects Gel Infused Breathable Memory Foam
  • Relieves Pressure Points
  • Ideal for All Sleep Positions

Scrunching Construction
Smooth it out flat or crumple it up into a ball – whatever shape you prefer, this Serta pillow is filled with hundreds of gel memory foam cushions to hold your preferred sleeping position in place.

Triple Effects Gel Infused Breathable Memory Foam
This cozy, breathable, gel memory foam takes your sleep comfort to the next level. Each memory foam cushion is infused with cooling gel to help your head and neck get the relief you deserve.

Relieves Pressure Points
Mornings just got better thanks to this supportive Serta pillow. By providing the correct support for your neck and upper back, this pillow will help relieve pressure points in these areas so you can enjoy every morning with less pain.

Ideal for All Sleep Positions
Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, this Serta pillow will support you any way you move.

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