BedMatch Collection 11000

Designer: Kingsdown

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Unit Price

Size: Twin

Support Level: Gold

Euro Top

Lush Cool Touch Max Fabric

Silk and Wool Hollo Fibre

Latex Gel

Plush Micro Gel

Serene Foam (Gold and Green Support Levels Only)

Plush Latex Gel (Gold and Green Support Levels Only)

Plush Foam (Gold Support Levels Only)

Comfort Foam (Green and Blue Support Levels Only)

Firm Latex Gel (Blue and Red Support Levels Only)

BluTek Gel Visco (Blue Support Levels Only)

Firm BluTek Gel Visco (Red Support Levels Only)

RaceTrack Foam (Gold and Green Support Levels Only)

Firm Foam

Posturized Centre Support

Airflow Surround Foam

Patented Motion Separation Foam

2500 Zoned Pocket Coils*

1000 Micro Coils*

17-inch Mattress Height

This Mattress has 4 Support Levels to Pick From

This bed can be ordered with mix support levels.  Contact us to learn more.

Lifestyle Adjustable Base Friendly

10 Year Warranty

Kingsdown Mattresses are Made in Calgary

Mattress Only.  Box spring and frame sold separately.

Colours & Designs May Vary Due to Product Enhancement.

*Coil count based on queen size mattress

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Cooling Taken to the Max

Kingsdown 11000 has a Lush Cool Touch Max quilt. Say goodbye to hot nights. The 11000 is designed to help keep your body cooler when you sleep.

Kingsdown bedMATCH 11000 Euro Top Quilt
Wool Fibers

All Natural Fibres

Silk & Wool Hollo Fibre allows increased airflow and less compaction of the fibres to provide a cooler, and more restful sleep

The Supportive Push

Latex is a natural material that is manufactured from the sap of rubber trees. Kingsdown uses only the best Talalay Latex. This latex is designed to produce a softer, fluffier feel while still offering the support you need.

Talalay Latex
Serene Foam

Tomorrow's Foam Today

Serene™ foam is new-age, high-performance polyurethane foam. Serene™ foam comes with advanced Supportive Air Technology, which includes billions of microscopic air capsules that promote airflow, enhance breathability, and increase the support of the bed without compromising comfort.

Each of these tiny cells with microscopic air capsules act as individual shock-absorber cushions, releasing air independently as pressure on them increases for customized comfort and support. Depending on your body type and sleep position, Serene™ foam supports your body while relieving pressure points in heavier sections of the body. Serene™ foam is not temperature sensitive and sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam.

Supportive Cooling

A four step Cool Support Technology process allows Blu-Tek beds to sleep cooler than conventional foam mattresses: The horizontal channel cut design allows air to move freely through the mattress; the vertical pinhole design in the ProSupport Plus layer allows warmer air to channel up and out of the mattress; the pinhole design of the foam edge support rail allows for horizontal airflow and ventilation of the mattress core; and the mattress cover is designed with a permeable border fabric that allows cross ventilation of the mattress core.

Another feature of the Blu-Tek series is in its technology and layers. The collection uses real engineering to provide support and comfort ensuring maximum strength, resilience and durability.

Blutek Gel Visco
Micro Coils

Small in Size, Big in Support

Thinner and narrower micro-coils are more flexible than any other type of spring, allowing them to conform and follow the natural contour of the body, offering more suitable support on pressure points. They also help the mattress with airflow keeping your sleep cooler.

Foundation is Key

Posturized Centre Support

Provides increased support and proper alignment of your spine

Airflow Surround Foam

Airflow Surround Foam Encasement for increased sleeping surface, a strong sitting edge and enhanced cooling

Patented Motion Separation Foam

Patented Motion Separation Foam isolates partner’s movement to provide the best in undistrurbed sleep